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Sizing Advice

Our brands are UK sizing, when looking at our size charts you'll notice you may be a size or two larger compared to your AU size. Don't worry - it's not you! It's normal and 50s dresses are designed to hug your curves.

Please use the below information on how to best measure yourself, your waist is NOT inline with your belly button as so many may think.

Will I be the same size in every dress on your website? No, there is no such thing as universal sizing plus every pattern is different (stretch panels vs n stretch panels, bust pleats vs relaxed fit etc), not to mention our 3 brands aren't made in the same factory. Our 3 brands are exclusive to us, we create them, however we have chosen to keep each brand separate, to make your shopping/fit experience better.

Miss Flamingo - Our own prints are the Miss Flamingo brand, the fabric is always the same and is made up of 95% cotton 5% stretch. This brand is a little more generous in sizing vs the size chart.

nineteen50 - This brand is ready made 100% cotton, made in Thailand. The fit is firm and you most definitely need a size up from your Australian size, unless the description calls for double shirring. Double shirring means two stretch panels. 

Laurina Jean Retro - This brand ready-made 100% cotton fabrics, (unless stated differently) chosen by us. Size up one (unless the description states very small make) in this brand as it's UK sizing and no stretch in the fabric. Some designs in this brand have a shirring panel, its for comfort and not size. 

So all in all, most customers are their Aussie size in Miss Flamingo due to the stretch in the fabric and more generous sizing and up one or two sizes in the other two brands.

Need more help or have some questions? No worries, we are just an email or Facebook message away.