*pre-sale* Erstwhile Festive AF Comic

Type: Dresses

The skirt look short - please note it is just the angle of the image and they are the usual length

This is a pre-sale item - the production has almost finished! Arriving to us the first week of December. Please do not buy this item if you have an event to attend the first week or two of December as we can not be sure when it will arrive to you. By ordering this product today, you understand it is a pre-sale & are happy for it to arrive the first week of December.

This item will be sent straight out via express post OR you can pick up Dec 4th at Capalaba. Do not choose pick up if you aren't local/able to pick up as this will delay your item being sent out - and yes we will email you for the postage if your order is under $100.


Back by popular demand! A re-release from a few years ago yet in another style. This comic print is not for the faint hearted, featuring quotes such as 'Merry Christnas ya filthy animals' and 'Festive AF'.


Erstwhile design features the following..

*Collar leading to buttons

*Functional buttons with side zip

*Full circle skirt


*95% cotton - 5% stretch 

*Side zipper

The Miss Flamingo range is designed by & exclusive to us - we only make 100pc per design so if you love it, buy it!

Our brands are UK sizing, when looking at our size charts you'll notice you may be a size or two larger compared to your AU size. Don't worry - it's not you! It's normal and 50s dresses are designed to hug your curves.

Please use the below information on how to best measure yourself, your waist is NOT inline with your belly button as so many think.

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